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TW: sexual assault.


To victims:


We are here with you and we are committed to improving the reality of victims now and in the future. We love you. We will not remain silent. 


We have teamed up with The Women's Centre at the U of R to support Hug Pax.

A Hug Pax is a tote bag full of clothing donated to people in need, typically sexual assault victims. When a sexual assault victim is admitted to the hospital, they are asked to give up their clothing as evidence leaving them with nothing to wear home. So in summary, we give Hug Pax to local hospitals and the hospitals give Hug Pax to the victims. 

Hug Pax can be purchased individually here, or any donation added onto a purchase will go towards the same cause! 

A Hug Pax is made up of:

-reusable tote bag