About Us


We are a retail company working towards maintaining equality, new social norms and a heightened level of social consciousness. We primarily sell graphic tees, but we also do fun things like titlettes, necklaces and hats etc. Since everything is handmade(or hand finished) we can customize anything, custom order any size and/or work with you for almost any custom modification. We are always booking more pop ups and things alike, so if you are interested in working with us, click "Contact Us!" at the bottom of this page. 

Each season we work with a new charity to help them meet their financial goals. Sometimes people ask us why we support charity and our answer is: why wouldn't we? The Tit Store believes that people are born with a want to give back, so we make it easy for you to do that! We support a pay-what-you-can donation platform. This means that you can donate as little or as much as you would like to our seasonal charity. This is our preferred method of donation because it promotes conscious donating. You can add any donation onto your purchase, simply by typing a number into the box on the product page, or, head to our homepage and donate individually!

This season we are supporting a Breast Cancer charity that is to be announced. We are going to fundraise through out the season while we search for the charity that best matches our beliefs. If you know of a charity in support of Breast Cancer awareness, research etc. please send us an email! Just head to the contact page for that.




At The Tit Store we believe in three things:

1) Making people smile!

2) Improving our global community.

3) Bad jokes!

We want to keep it fresh in the chest. If you have a charity that you think is a good match for The Tit Store, send us a note. 



  • Where are your shirts sourced?
    • Our shirts are sourced within Canada and handmade in our studio in Saskatchewan. When we say local we mean it... like painfully local... in our Mom's house. Love you Mom!
  • What's the difference between standard and express shipping?
    • Standard shipping is the slowest option as the shirts ride on the back of a snail to get to your mailbox. If you select express shipping in check out, it will ride in a warm gust of wind and arrive on your windowsill. K but seriously standard shipping could take up to 15 business days and express will take up to 5 business days. Message us if you have any concerns!
  • What does 'pick up' mean for a shipping option?
    • If you are located in Regina, you can pick up your shirt at The Junction Creative Studio. You will receive an email saying your shirt is complete and that is your cue to head on over to 2347 McIntyre St to grab your shirt. They are typically open 12-8 but you can call them at (306) 757-1889.
  • How do your shirts fit?
    • Each item should have specific sizing details on each page. If you don't see what you're looking for, please send us a note!
  • What is the content makeup of your classic shirts?
    • 100% cotton!
  • How much of your profit goes to charity?
    • Almost all of our profit goes into paying employees, inventory, rent and feeding ourselves. This is why we host a pay what you can donation platform. We keep the price of our shirts low so that more people can afford to wear them. If you have extra money to donate 100% of your donation goes to charity. That way we can all stay honest and transparent! All of that being said, a large portion of our profits go back into organizing fundraisers.
  • How long should I expect to wait for my Tit Tee?
    • Our Tit Tees are hand made to order. We typically give ourselves a maximum of seven days to complete orders, or ten days to complete custom orders.
  • Washing instructions:
    • Please wash your Tit Tee in cold water and hang it to dry! This will ensure that your tits hang around longer.