A lil’ look back at 2017

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Hello everyone!

We’ve been taking it easy this holiday season, and we hope this finds you well.

The profoundly strange, liminal space between Christmas and New Year’s is a great time for reflection, as it turns out.  We’ve been reflecting on things like: “What day is it? Is this day four or day five of leftover mashed potatoes for breakfast? How am I already done this season of The Office?”

In all seriousness though, 2017 was such a wild year, both on the home front and abroad. It feels like an impossible task to look back and contemplate everything we collectively experienced, so we’re paring it down slightly.

We are looking back at some of the most affecting trends / things that happened in the media we could think of. Here’s a sampling:

- Anything Ann Coulter said, including when she said in seriousness that most women who say they were raped are just ‘girls trying to get attention’.  

- Pretty much anything Matt Damon said too? After the Weinstein fallout, he thought it would be great to share some of his Thoughts and Feelings. He just could not shut up, really, proving to us all what we already knew.  Let’s examine this gem: “We’re in this watershed moment and it’s great but I think one thing that’s not being talked about is there are a whole sh**load of guys — the preponderance of men I’ve worked with — who don’t do this kind of thing and whose lives aren’t going to be affected.” OKAY??? Well, we should just stop addressing the problem! Because most men won’t be affected. And don’t forget the super cool #notallmen vibe he’s giving us. Alrighty! Cool, Matt. Awesome.

- Speaking of Weinstein, let’s all just... take a minute and recognize the effect a movement started more than ten years ago by Tarana Burke has had this year. #MeToo is a reckoning. It’s a scream to a throng of people looking back at you and saying “I understand.” It’s a raging fire. An unstoppable wave. And it’s not going anywhere. Neither are we.

- Can we talk about how batshit crazy those stories on Snapchat are? They really were... bad, this year and all of the years. The Daily Mail is straight up insane. Everyday. Every single day we were bombarded with an in depth analysis of how good / bad Emily Ratajkowski’s boobs were looking that day or how pregnancy was looking on any number of celebrities or what Ariel Winter wore to the gym! Can anyone say “The way women are portrayed in the media is inherently evil and it’s fucking our children up and everyone else too”? COOL.

- If we see another “This person went from drab to fab after this makeover!” post, we are gonna fucking RAGE. Stop this. Please.

- Also. 47 Things Only “Low-Maintenance” Girls Will Understand posts were... everywhere. In 2018, these posts will be met with unbridled rage and obliteration! Thanks.

Honestly... we could be here for literally all next year trying to round everything up. It’s been a hard year. A draining year. A year of seemingly endless tragedy and steps in the wrong direction.

But there were lights: The communities we have built, the solidarity we have felt, the art we created from the ashes of this absolutely hellish 365 days.

In front of us lie challenges. In front of us lie failures. In front of us lies a lot of work. Embrace it. Rest when you need. Take care of yourself. We’ll get it done. Together.

Happy New Year.


The Tit Store

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  • Momma on

    I will now be using “liminal” in conversation liberally. Thanks! Also, this is awesome.

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